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Now available for free to play directly from the Internet, magic slots free games combines traditional casino gaming with the Internet and are themed with magic and wonder. Playing is easy and you will have endless amounts of fun spinning the three and five reel games featuring awesome graphics of magical creatures and characters both weird and wonderful.

Working their sorcery on the reels to make you a winner, you’ll meet a wizard, witches and warlocks, each containing secret winning spells waiting to be discovered by you. Look out for dragons, unicorns, magic beans, gnomes and a fairy, all of which will line up in their special reel patterns to earn treasures for you. Your lucky spin might also include charms, potions, Voodoo skulls, magic eyes and mystical oracles, effectively scoring you free spins.

There are so many different magical themes to choose from; you might enjoy taking a virtual magic carpet ride to find your riches. Perhaps you’d enjoy a magic show with top hat tricks and illusions while placing your bets. The options are plenty and they are all yours to make.

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